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Helsinki 2004
Cognition and Literary Interpretation in Practice (external)
MLA 2002 Cognitive Approaches to Literature: Literary Form (external)
CFG 2001-2 Conferences at the UCLA Center for Governance (external)
MLA 2001 Cognitive Approaches to Literature: Narrative
WoF 2001 The Work of Fiction: Cognitive Perspectives (conference)
MLA 2000 The Literary Imagination (Discussion Group session)
MLA '99 Cognition, Narrative, and the Psychology of Love (special session) 
Cognitive Linguistics and Linguistic Criticism (Division section - external)
Drama and Cognitive Science (special session - external) 
Gender and Cognitive Theory (Discussion Group session)
EC/ASECS 99 Amorous Absolutism; Death and the Limits of the Literary (presentations)
IAM '99 Imagination and the Adapted Mind (conference)
MLA '98 Historicizing Cognition: Literature and the Cognitive Revolution (forum)
SLS '98 Literature, History, and Cognition (special session)
ACR '98 Romanticism and Cognitive Neuroscience (panel)
MLA '97 Evolutionary Psychology and Literature (special session)
SLS  '97 Cognitive Culture Theory (panel)


Cognitive Literary Studies

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Cognitive Cultural Studies (links to details and abstract; cf. also main bibliography)

  • Anderson, Joseph D.
    • Joseph D. Anderson. The Reality of Illusion: An Ecological Approach to Cognitive Film Theory. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 1996. Reviewed by Harold Hatt (external).
  • Mithen, Steven.

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