American Conference on Romanticism
Annual Meeting 1998: Cross-currents in Romanticism 
University of California at Santa Barbara
October 16-18

Romanticism and Cognitive Neuroscience
Saturday October 17, 9:45-11:15 a.m., Girvetz 2119
Organized by Beth Bradburn, Boston College

This panel will address some interests of the growing body of literary scholars who look to the cognitive neurosciences for theoretical and interpretive tools.  The intersection of Romantic studies with cognitive science may prove especially complex and fruitful, as cognitive science offers productive new ways of talking about emotion, language, memory, subjectivity and the body.  The panel will consider these issues from a variety of critical perspectives and across a range of Romantic-era writing.


Porter Abbott
UC Santa Barbara
1. Romantic Metaphor and the Analytic Body
Beth Bradburn

Boston College
Beyond the Picturesque: An Affective Poetics of Coleridge's Landscapes
David Miall

University of Alberta, Canada
The Growth of the Imagination in Wordsworth's Goslar Manuscripts
Francis Steen

UC Santa Barbara
4. Fixed Eyes and Moving Minds: Berkeley's New Theory of Vision and Romantic Poetry William H. Harris
University of Tennessee 

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