Society for Literature and Science
Annual Meeting 1997
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 30 - November 2
Cognitive Culture Theory
Special panel organized by Francis Steen, UC Santa Barbara

Cultural Anthropologists such as Scott Atran, Pascal Boyer, Lawrence Hirschfeld, and Dan Sperber have been developing a cognitive approach to culture that may be fruitful to literary theorists and historians. The session will discuss some of the obstacles to the development of a cognitive culture theory, outline its possible scope, and show with some concrete examples how cognitive theories can be invaluable in understanding cultural processes.


Negotiating Darwin 
Francis Steen

UC Santa Barbara
Cognition and Power
Janet McIntosh

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
3. Cognitive Literary Studies - A Review Lisa Zunshine 
UC Santa Barbara
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 Francis F. Steen, Communication Studies, University of California, Los Angeles