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CogWeb is a research tool for exploring the relevance of the study of human cognition to communication and the arts. It is edited by Francis Steen, Associate Professor of Communication Studies at UCLA. CogWeb contains a few thousand items on cognitive cultural theory, evolutionary psychology, and cognitive science, but it has not been actively maintained since 2001. I'm looking for a new formal for my current work. Some relatively speaking new pages are posted below; see also the annotated bibliography. The historical content is largely restricted to the print culture of the Early Modern period (1500-1800). Frames or no frames. Revised 23 August 2007. 

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Introduction and Debate Cognitive Science Evolutionary Psychology Cognitive Cultural Studies
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New Pages and Past Picks

Updates on early human migrations (May 2005)
Horvath reviews Carroll's Literary Darwinism (Jan 2005)
Baars: An update on Global Workspace Theory (Aug 2004)
Toward a Cognitive Semantics: Turner reviews Talmy (Nov 2001, external)
Evolution's Pedagogy: Steen and Owens on the origins of entertainment (May 2001)

The Mind Doesn't Work That Way: Sutherland reviews Fodor (Mar 2001)
The Descent of Mind: Fiddick reviews Corballis & Lea (Feb 2001)
Grady, Oakley, Coulson: Blending and Metaphor (Jan 2001)
Carroll: The Deep Structure of Literary Representation (Oct 2000)
Steen: Wordsworth's Autobiography of the Imagination (Oct 2000)
The Work of Fiction: Cognitive Perspectives
(August 2000)
Paul Hernadi, Entertaining Commitments
Steen on Lakoff & Johnson: Grasping Philosophy by the Roots (May 2000)
Hernadi & Steen: The Tropical Landscapes of Proverbia (May 2000)
The Literary Imagination - MLA 2000
Steen & Owens: Implicit Pedagogy (March 2000)
Restoration Print Culture (October '99)
Cognition, Narrative, and the Psychology of Love - MLA '99
Richardson on Cognitive Science and the Future of Literary Studies (external)
33,000 BP Rhino Gary Snyder: The Fiftieth Millenium (3/13/99)
Fauconnier on Meaning, Language, Cognition (2/19/99)
Carroll on Pinker's Theory of Art (2/18/99)
New at the MLA: Cognitive Approaches to Literature (1/10/99)
Literature and the Cognitive Revolution at the MLA 98 (12/27/98)
CogWeb reviewed in the Chronicle of Higher Education (6/26/98)
Literature, History and Cognition at the SLS 98 (5/4/98)
Freeman reviews books on metaphor (3/13/98 - external)
Hoffmeyer: Biosemiotics (12/15/97)
McIntosh: Cognition and Power (12/12/97)
The Theory of Mind Model (11/15/97)
Does Adaptationism Imply Modularity? (8/1/97)
Apology: Why I Am a Cognitivist (1/19/97)
Evolutionary Psychology - a Primer (1/1/97)

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