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(external unless noted as local)

Afghanistan (local; some bilingual)

African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories (major multilingual site with list server and useful links; see also local collection with further links)

Ashanti Proverbs (local; translations only)

Biblical Book of Proverbs (local; multilingual)

Chinese Proverbs (local; translations only)

Dutch: Spreekwoorden (database)
Nederlandse Spreekwoorden (database)
Citaten, spreekwoorden en gezegden (database of quotations, proverbs and sayings in Dutch, English, German,
French and Spanish)

Egyptian (ancient; translations only)

English Proverbs, Anti- and Contrary Proverbs (local)
English Proverbs and Spanish Equivalents (local)
Proverbs and Sayings (database)

Estonian (see also German translation)

German in the US (bilingual)

Hawai'ian (bilingual) 
`Ôlelo No`eau (bilingual)

Ilocano Proverbs and Sayings (local; bilingual)

Italian (local; bilingual) 
Vignali's letter (local; no translations)

Ivatan proverbs (local; bilingual)

Japanese (bilingual)

Kurdish (local; translations only)

Maltese (local; bilingual)

Mayan (local; bilingual)

Nigerian (translations only)

Norse Hávamál (translations only)

Norwegian (no translations) 
Nynorsk (local; no translations)

Proverbs from Around the World (local)
Proverbs (multinational database at Generation Terrorists)

Romanian (Teodor Flonta's English-Romanian Dictionary of Equivalent Proverbs)

Russian (local; translations only)

South Sotho (local; translations only)

Spanish (local; provisional translations)
Spanish Proverbs with English Equivalents (local)

Sumerian (bilingual)
Sumerian (The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature, University of Oxford)

Swahili (bilingual)

Tamil (originals and loose equivalents)

Welsh (bilingual)

Yiddish and Polish (trilingual)

Journals and Organizations
 (all external)

American Folklore Society - Journal

De Proverbio (on-line journal)

Folklore (on-line journal from Estonia)

International Proverb Forum '96

Metaphor and Symbol (journal)

Proverbium: A Yearbook (journal)


On-line Articles
(external unless noted as local) 

Flonta. Articles

Hernadi & Steen. The Tropical Landscapes of Proverbia (local)

Järv. Is Providing Proverbs a Tough Job?

Mieder. Articles

Moon, Paul. Maori Proverbs

Yuksel, Edip. Proverbs and Patriarchy


(external unless noted as local) 

CogWeb's Proverb Bibliography (local)

International Proverb Scholarship: Mieder's Updated Bibliographies

Dictionary of Proverbs in American Country Music Hits (1986-1996) by Steven R. Folsom

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (searchable)


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