Early Modern Period 
Early California History
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  Southern California before 1900
(Francis Steen; revised 12 June 2007)

1. The Chumash
2. The First European Contact
3. The Spanish Incursion
4. The American Conquest
A Selective Bibliography
Brian Fagan, The Chumash
Richard Stephen Street, The First Farmworkers
Carey McWilliams, The Indian in the Closet
John R. Johnson, What was the Fate of the Chumash Islanders? (external)
Further articles by Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History staff
Ralph Berger, The History of How California Became a State (external)
External links
Chumash legends
The Flood
The Making of Man

The Rainbow Bridge
Coyote Meets Stinkbug
  Web chat with Julie Tumamait (Nov. 99)

How to make cattail pollen pancakes

Jeanne Arnold's Archaeological projects (UCLA); 
Channel Island Households

John Anderson on the Jonjonata site

William Hyder's Rock art index (UCSC) (see example)

The Chumash Project and Chumash Indians (K-12)
Native sites
California Indian Basketweavers Association
  The Cultural Conservancy -- Carrizo Plain -- images

Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria

Four Directions Institute of Native American Studies

Indian Circle Web Ring

Muwekma Ohlone

Santa Inez Band of Chumash Indians

Southern California Indian Center

Broken Rope Foundation
Trail of the Buffalo American Indian Museum in Ventura

Gabrieleno/Tongva Nation

Tribes, Nations and Bands (index site)
Current isssues
Wimat, Tukan, Limu: Returning the Islands

The 1981 Munoz Report (presentation)
  The Bureau of Indian Affairs apologizes (8 Sept 2000)
Conferences (local list)
  Southern California resources
News from Native California
Spirit of the Lima Bean Poems by red slider
  Queen Dandelion Poem by Steve Abee
Major compilations
Paula Giese's Native American Resources

John Anderson's Chumash pages

Living Languages of the Americas
California history
Cultural Readings: Colonization & Print in the Americas
(UPenn collection)

California History Society

The California Historic Resources On-line Information Center

California Indian Memorial by Diana Tumminia

California Studies Program at SFSU (resource links)

California Timeline, from the age of dinosaurs to the present

A History of American Indians in California (Nat. Park Service)

The Online Archive of California (UC Berkeley)
Book Reviews
Anderson, John. Kuta Teachings: 
Reincarnation Theology of the Chumash Indians of California (external presentation)
Coates & Fisher, eds. Out of the Background: Readings on Canadian Native History
Reviewed by Cam McEachern (external)
Codex Chimalpahin (670-1569 C.E.): The Nahuatl and Spanish Annals and Accounts
Reviewed by Charles C. Kolb (external)

Isenberg, The Destruction of the Bison: An Environmental History, 1750-1920
Reviewed by William H. McNeill (external)

Cutter. The Legal Culture of Northern New Spain, 1700-1810
Reviewed by Victor M. Uribe (external)
Frances & Anawalt. The Essential Codex Mendoza
Reviewed by John A. Crider (external)
Welch & Stekler. Killing Custer: 
The Battle of the Little Big Horn and the Fate of the Plains Indians
Reviewed by Karkavelas (external)



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