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The Spanish Incursion: Early Accounts, Themes

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The Spanish Incursion   top

Early Accounts, Themes, General Works

The archives for the missions are at the Santa Barbara Mission. The other main
repository of manuscripts is the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley.

Early Accounts  top

Anza, Juan Bautista de (1735-1788)

  • Diario del primer viaje a la California, 1774. Julio Cesar Montane Marti presenta y comenta. Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico : Sociedad Sonorense de Historia : Reprografica, 1989.
  • Captain Juan Bautista de Anza: correspondence on various subjects.  San Leandro, CA: Los Californianos, 1995. 328 p., facsims.
  • Bolton, Herbert Eugene. Anza's California expeditions. Berkeley, CA: University of California press, 1930. UCB Main F864 .B6, NativAmer E125.A4 B6 1966 Calif. v.1-5
  • Odens, Peter R. The Indian & the soldier; the man who guided Juan Bautista de Anza. Alhambra, CA: Border-Mountain Press, 1976. (A play about Sebastian Tarabal. See also Street's footnote 24.)
  • Pourade, Richard F. Anza conquers the desert; the Anza expeditions from Mexico to California and the founding of San Francisco, 1774 to 1776. San Diego, CA: Union-Tribune Pub. Co., 1971. UCB Bancroft  F864.P865
  • Santa Maria, Vicente. The first Spanish entry into San Francisco Bay, 1775; the original narrative, hitherto unpublished, and further details by participants in the first explorations of the Bay's waters, together with four contemporary maps and six illustrations in full colour from the brush and pencil of Louis Choris who was at San Francisco in 1816. Edited by John Galvin. San Francisco, J. Howell, 1971. UCB Bancroft  f F868.S156.57 S3
Campa, Miguel de la
  • A Journal of Explorations Northward Along the Coast from Monterey in the Year 1775. With illustrations in original colors by Louis Choris. Edited by John Galvin. San Francisco, CA:  John Howell-Books, 1964. UCB   Anthropol F851.5 .C26 1964, UCB   Bancroft  xf F851.5.C36.
Choris, Louis (1795-1828)
  • The Frenchman Louis Choris, a painter, visited California in 1816 and published Voyage pittoresque autour du monde, avec des portraits de sauvages d'Amerique, d'Asie, d'Afrique, et des iles du Grand ocean; des paysages, des vues maritimes, et plusieurs objets d'histoire naturelle; accompagne de descriptions par m. le baron Cuvier, et m. A. de Chamisso, et d'observations sur les cranes humains, par m. le docteur Gall. 103 plates, 3 maps. Paris, Impr. de Firmin Didot, 1822. UCB   Bancroft  f G420.K84 C6
  • San Francisco One Hundred Years Ago. Translated from the French of Louis Choris by Porter Garnett; with illustrations from drawings made by Choris in the year 1816. San Francisco, A. M. Robertson, 1913. UCB Bancroft  Z239.2 T332 1913c and x F869.S3 C55.
  • Chamisso, Adelbert von (1781-1838). A Sojourn at San Francisco Bay, 1816, by Adelbert von Chamisso, scientist of the Russian exploring ship Rurik. Illustrated by a series of drawings first published in 1822 by the Rurik's artist, Louis Choris. San Francisco, CA:  The Book Club of California, 1936. UCB Bancroft  f TYP.Z239.2. G71.1936c and fx Z238.B4 C5; Main F864 .C38
  • Mahr, August Carl. The visit of the "Rurik" to San Francisco in 1816.  Stanford University : Stanford University Press, 1932. UCB   Bancroft  F864 .M24
Clavigero, Francesco Saverio (1731-1787)
  • Historia de la Antigua o Baja California. Obra postuma del padre Francisco Javier Clavijero. Tr. del italiano por el presbitero don Nicolas Garcia de San Vicente. Mejico, Impr. de J. R. Navarro, 1852. UCB Bancroft x F1226 .C38 1852
Crespi, Juan (1721-1782)
  • Colegio Apostolico de Propaganda Fide de San Fernando (Mexico City, Mexico). Copia de cartas escritas por el P.P. Fr. Juan Crespi, missionero appostolico ... sobre las expediciones ... en el ano 1769 ... : y otra correspondencia sobre las misiones de California : ms., 1769-1772. Originals : 1 oversize portfolio (215 leaves ; 33 cm.) Copies : 1 microfilm reel : negative (Rich. 817:4) and positive. UCB Bancroft BANC MSS M-M 1847 Portfolio in oversize drawers.
  • Costanso, Miguel. Noticias of the port of San Francisco in letters of Miguel Costanso, Fray Juan Crespi and Fray Francisco Palou in the year 1772. San Francisco, Windsor Press, 1940. UCB Bancroft x F864 .C832, Main F864 .C7
  • Crespi, Juan. Captain Portola in San Luis Obispo County in 1769: portions of the diary of Father Juan Crespi, edited and augmented from other diaries by his colleague, Fr. Francisco Palou. Translated by Herbert E. Bolton, 1926. Morro Bay, CA: Tabula Rasa Press, 1984. UCSB F868.S18 C7 1984 Special Coll
Fages, Pedro
  • Pedro Fages' Historical, Political, and Natural Description of California, 1775. Translated and edited by Herbert I. Priestly. Berkeley, CA: U California Press, 1931.
Gálvez, José de
  • Garcia, Luis Navarro. José de Gálvez y la Comandancia General de las Provincias Internas. Seville: Escuela de Estudios Hispano-Americanos, 1964.
  • Priestley, Herbert I. José de Gálvez, Visitor General of New Spain, 1765-1771. Berkeley, CA: U of California P, 1916.
Garcés, Francisco
  • A Record of Travels in Arizona and California, 1775-1776: Father Francisco Garcés. Translated and edited by John Galvin. San Francisco: John Howell Books, 1965.
Langsdorff, Georg Helnrich, freiherr von, 1774-1852
  • Langsdorff's Narrative of the Rezanov voyage to Nueva California in 1806, being that division of Doctor Georg H. von Langsdorff's Bemerkungen auf einer Reise um die Welt, when, as personal physician, he accompanied Rezanov to Nueva California from Sitka, Alaska, and back. An English translation revised, with the Teutonisms of the original Hispaniolized, Russianized, or Anglicized, by Thomas C. Russell. San Francisco, Calif., Private press of Thomas C. Russell, 1927. Contains facsimiles of title pages of original German (Frankfurt am Mayn, 1812) and original English (London, 1814) editions. Illustrated by engravings from original drawings.UCB Bancroft  x F864.L28. Bancroft Library also has positive microfilm.
  • Remarks and observations on a voyage around the world from 1803 to 1807. Translated and annotated by Victoria Joan Moessner, edited by Richard A. Pierce. Fairbanks, AL: Limestone Press, 1993. UCB Bancroft  G420.K94 L3613 1993 v. 1-2
  • Bemerkungen auf einer Reise um die Welt in den Jahren 1803 bis 1807. Frankfurt am Mayn: Friedrich Wilmans, 1812. UCB Bancroft  x G420.K94 L22 v.1-2 at NRLF
  • Langsdorff/Rezanov expedition drawings. 1803-1810. 37 drawings: ink and wash; various sizes. UCB Bancroft  BANC PIC 1963.002:1000-1037--ffALB
  • Views collected by G.H. von Langsdorff during his voyage around the world from 1803 to 1807. 6 drawings: chiefly in sepia. UCB   Bancroft  BANC PIC 1905.06217-.06222--PIC
  • Voyages and Travels in Various Parts of the World During the Years. New York: Da Capo Press, 1968. UCB   Bancroft  G420.K94 L2 1968 v. 1-2.
  • Voyages and travels in various parts of the world, during the years 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806, and 1807. 21 plates, map. London, Printed for Henry Colburn, and sold by George Goldie, Edinburgh; and John Cumming, Dublin, 1813-14. UCB  Bancroft  x G420.K94 L2 v.1-2. UCB NewsMicro Microfiche 961.
  • Voyages and travels in various parts of the world during the years 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806 and 1807. Carlisle, PA: Printed by George Philips, 1817. Series title:  Early American imprints. Second series, no. 41226. UCB NewsMicro microprint. Early American Imprints.
  • Rezanov, Nikolai Petrovich, 1764-1807. Russian explorer of California.
Lasuén, Fermin Francisco de
  • Writings of Fermin Francisco de Lasuén (supernumerary at San Gabriel Mission). Translated and edited by Finbar Kenneally. Washington, D.C.: Academy of American Franciscan History, 1965.
Palou, Francisco (1723-1789)
    The Spaniard Padre Francisco Palou,  a companion of Padre Serra, wrote Noticias de las Californias, earning the name 'the father of California history'.
  • Historical memoirs of New California. Translated into English from the manuscript in the archives of Mexico. Ed. Herbert Eugene Bolton. Berkeley, CA: U California Press, 1926. UCB Bancroft 308x.B694.p University Archives v. 1-4 AT NRLF; Main F864 .P3
  • Cartas desde la peninsula de California, 1768-1773. Transcritas y editadas con algunas notas y cuatro apendices documentales por Jose Luis Soto Perez. Mexico: Editorial Porrua, 1994. UCSD SSH F1246 .P27 1994
  • The founding of the first California missions under the spiritual guidance of the Venerable Padre Fray Junipero Serra; an historical account of the expeditions sent by land and sea in the year 1769, as told by Fray Francisco Palou, and hitherto unpublished letters of Serra, Palou and Galvez: the whole newly translated and arranged as a consecutive narrative, with the aid of Thomas W. Temple II, by Douglas S. Watson; to which is added the account of Serra's death inscribed by Fray Francisco Palou in the Book of the dead at Carmel mission. San Francisco, Printed at the Nueva California Press, 1934. San Francisco, Printed at the Nueva California press, 1934. UCB Bancroft x F864 .S493, Bancroft microfilm F864.S493; UCSB Main Lib F864.S4 P3 and Z239.N8 P3 Special Coll.
  • Larson, Jennifer. A leaf from Francisco Palou's Noticias de la Nueva California: Mexico, 1857. Bibliographic commentary by Jennifer Larson. Orinda, CA: Press of the Golden Key, 1990. UCLA Clark. Press coll. Folio Golden Key
  • Palou, Francisco. Relacion historica de la vida y apostolicas tareas del venerable padre fray Junipero Serra: y de las misiones que fundo en la California Septentrional, y nuevos establecimientos de Monterey. Impresa en Mexico: en la imprenta de don Felipe de Zuniga y Ontiveros, 1787. UCB Bancroft x F864 S48 P2 1787a, x F864 S48P2 1787, x F864.S48 .P2
    • Palou, Francisco. La vida de Junipero Serra. Ann Arbor, University Microfilms [1966]. Series title: March of America facsimile series no. 49. UCSB Main Lib F864 .S49 1787a
    • Palou, Francisco. Life of Ven. Padre Junipero Serra. Translated by J. Adam. San Francisco, CA: P. E. Dougherty, 1884. UCB Bancroft x F864 .S5 *c2 copies
    • Palou, Francisco. Francisco Palou's Life and apostolic labors of the Venerable Father Junipero Serra, founder of the Franciscan missions of California. With an introduction and notes by George Wharton James. (Translation of Palou's Relacion historica de la vida ... del venerable padre fray Junipero Serra. Mexico, 1787, including reproduction of title-page of original.) Pasadena, Cal., G.W. James, 1913. UCB Bancroft F864 .S482, Moffitt F864 .S52
    • Palou, Francisco. Junipero Serra, Padre-pioneer. Story of Serra, California's First Apostle. Abridged from Fr. Francisco Palou's Life of Junipero Serra by Gouverneur Morrison. Illustrated by M. Frantz. Santa Barbara, CA: W. Denton Cogan, 1934. UCB Bancroft F864.S496
    • Palou, Francisco. Evangelista del Mar Pacifico, Fray Junipero Serra: padre y fundador de la Alta California. Prologo de Lorenzo Riber. Madrid: M. Aguilar, 1944.
    • Palou, Francisco. Life of Junipero Serra. Trans. Maynard J. Geiger. Washington, DC: The Academy of American Franciscan History, 1955.
    • Palou, Francisco. Biografia de Fray Junipero Serra, O.F.M. (1713-1784). Introduccion de Bartolome Font Obrador. Palma de Mallorca: Cort, 1977. UCB Bancroft F864.S48 .P2 1977

  • Letter from Palou: ALS, College of San Fernando, to The Viceroy, Bernardo de Galvez, 1786 August 26. For preservation, use of photocopy is recommended. Bancroft BANC MSS 87/217 c
Portola, Gaspar de
  • Diary of Gaspar de Portola During the California Expedition of 1769-1770. Eds. Donald Eugene Smith and Frederick J. Teggart. Berkeley, CA: U California P, 1938.
Serra, Junipero (1713-1784)
  • Bowden, Dina Moore. Junipero Serra in His Native Isle (1713-1749). Photos by Stefan Laszlo, drawings by Xam. Palma. Majorca, Spain: s.n., 1976.  Main Stack F864.S44.B681  Bancroft fF864.S48.B6
  • DeNevi, Don, and Noel Francis. Junipero Serra: The Illustrated Story of the Franciscan Founder  of California's Missions. San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1985.  Main Stack F864.S44.D46 1985  Bancroft F864.S44.D46 1985
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Vallejo, Mariano Guadalupe (1807-1890)
  • A Mexican General, Vallejo wrote Historia de California in his old age, his notes having burned, for the American historian H.H. Bancroft (1832-1918). A lot of dates are off by a few years.
  • Bancroft, Hubert H. History of California. San Francisco: The History Co., 1886
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Themes  top
(largely from R.S. Street's bibliography)

For the problems of overland transportation and the need for a route across the Sonoran Desert, see Miguel Costanso, Report to the Viceroy, Sept. 5, 1772, in Bolton, ed. and trans., Anza's California Expeditions, 5: 8-11.

The food crisis is described in Serra to Father Francisco Palou, Monterey, August 18, 1772, in Maynard Geiger, ed., Palou's Life of Junipero Serra (Washington, DC: Academy of American Franciscan History,1960), 124-26.

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Father Rafael Verger, head of the College of San Fernando in Mexico City, complained in a letter to Viceroy Antonio Maria Bucareli y Ursuia, Dec. 25, 1772, that "What is lacking is hands to cultivate and work the fields because the soldiers do not want to help in any way in this task," AGI, Chapman Document No. 1939, HL.

For the impact of diseases, see Mann, Charles C. (2002). 1491. Atlantic Monthly 289. 3 (March 2002): 41-53. Full text, with links. Early treatments of the situation specific to California include:

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"In the late 1700s, when Euro-Americans began to visit the Northwest Coast, they reported the presence of vigorous, diverse cultures - among them the Tlingit, Haida, Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl), Nuu-chah-nulth (Nootka), Coast Salish, and Chinookans - with a population conservatively estimated at over 180,000. A century later only about 35,000 were left. The change was brought about by the introduction of diseases that had originated in the Eastern Hemisphere, such as smallpox, malaria, measles, and influenza." "The Coming of the Spirit of Pestilence examines the introduction of infectious diseases among the Indians of the Northwest Coast culture area (present-day western Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, and southeast Alaska) in the first century of contact and the effects of these new diseases on Native American population size, structure, interactions, and viability. The emphasis is on epidemic diseases and specific epidemic episodes."--BOOK JACKET.

For a recent assessment of native population levels, see Livi-Bacci, Massimo (2006). "The Depopulation of
Hispanic America after the Conquest
." Population and Development Review 32. 2.

For uprisings, see Kieran McCarthy, ed. and trans., "The Colorado Massacre of 1781: Maria Montielo's Report," Journal of Arizona History 16 (Autumn 1975): 221-25.

The classic interpretation of the Spanish mission system is still Herbert E. Bolton, "The Mission as a Frontier Institution in the Spanish American Colonies, " American Historical Review 23 (October 1917): 42-61. A modern update is John Francis Bannon, The Spanish Borderlands Frontier, 1513-1821 (New York: Holt Rinehart, and Winston,1970). The best recent effort is Harry W. Crosby's magisterial Antigua California: Mission and Colony on the Peninsular Frontier, 1677-1768 (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1994), esp. 390-93.

For images relating to the myth of cannibals, see Jill Holslin's gallery (not very relevant to California, but shows widespread attitudes).

Bibliographical Resources   top

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Archaeology   top

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Art   top

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Painted Cave near Santa Barbara (photographs by Norman Hammond)

Cave Painting: Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Chumash rock art: pages from CalPoly

Chumash Rock Paiting: pages from the Getty Museum

Rock Art of the California Natives. Designed by Susana Martinez. Chumash art.

California Rock Art Sites


General Works and Resources   top

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