Murder Out at Laフ


Ballad on the New PLOT.

To the Tune of, Hey Boys up go We.

Ow, now the Plot is all come out,
 That caus'd our Doubts and Fears,
And all the Tribe that made the Rout,
    Both Commoners and Peers;
The mighty Patrons of the Cauテ,
    'Gain・ Pagan Popery,
Who rais'd a Gibbet for our Foes,
    And hey Boys up go we.


With San「ify'd Religious Zeal
    The Brethren did agree
To raiテ our Ancient Commonweal
    On Chri・ian Liberty :
To undermine the Church and State,
    And blow up MONARCHY ;
But now, alas! 'tis our own Fate,
    And hey Boys up go we.


A Holy Covenant we took,
    To Sacrifice the KING,
And next to Him the Royal DUKE,
    A Bloody Oキering ;
For which, according to the Vote,
    The Papi・s all ャou'd dye ;
But now the Saints have chang'd their note,
     And hey Boys up go we.


Our Zealous Covenanting Saints,
    Aアociating Peers,
Each Heart for fear with Patients Pants,
    To loテ more than his Ears ;
Toney's dead, and Monmouth's fled,
    The Helm is turn'd a Lee,
The Plot (the Nail) is knock'd o'th' head,
    And hey then up go we.


No longer may the Papiフs boaフ
    Their Bloody Black Deナgns ;
Old Rome thy Ancient Glory's lo・,
    For all thy Learn'd Divines :
For Royal Murders, Treaバns baテ,
    And matchleピ Treachery,
The Jeブits muフ now give place,
    And hey Boys up go we.


How well did we contrive the Plot,
And laid it at their Door,
For which old Staキord went to Pot,
    And many Guiltleピ more .
But now the Tide is come about,
    The truth of all we テe ;
And when the Murder all is out,
   Then hey Boys up go we.


Rumテy's Gold, and Rumbold bold,
    Conパire to kill the KING,
And Pickering, in fatal hold,
    Mu・ anヘer for the thing ;
Nelthorp, We・, and all the re・,
    With Perkin may agree,
To be o'th' Tower and Throne poアe・ ;
    Then hey Boys up go we.


Our City Ryots, Countrey Routs,
    That to Rebellion tend,
Our Races, and our Hunting bouts
    In Inブrre「ions end ;
The Rebel now is catch'd i'th' Snare
    He lay'd for MONARCHY ;
At la・ the Gallows claims it ャare,
    And hey Boyes up go we.

Printed by N. T. at the entrance into the Old-Spring-Garden, near charing-croピ,1683



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Textual Notes

This ballad, attributed to John Murcot, is a Tory satire on the foiled plans of a popular insurrection, known somewhat misleadingly as the 'Rye House Plot.' The plans were revealed in late June of 1683 and led to a vigorous prosecution -- and worse -- of the Whig conspirators (cf. "A True Narrative of the Bloody Murther of the Earl of Essex," new window). 

The ballad was printed in London during the second half of 1683. The original is at the Huntington Library; a reproduction is available on microfilm in Early English Books, 1641-1700, 818: 7. Indexed as Wing M3085 and ESTC R16149. 
For the original layout, see the facsimile.

In Edinburgh that same year was made a second impression, now kept at the Bodleian Library. 
A reproduction is available on microfilm in Early English Books, 1641-1700, 818: 7. 
Indexed as Wing  M3086 and ESTC R214288.

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