A   T R U E


O F   T H E
B  L  O  O  D  Y    M  U  R  T  H  E  R

O F   T H E

E a r l   o f   E ャ e x ,

Himテlf, being now Priバner in the Tower.

N Friday morning about Seven of the Clock, being the thirteenth of this in・ant July; His Majeフy and Royal highneピ came down from Whitehall in their Barges to the Tower, to take a view of the Store houテs, and was walking there バme conナderable time about the lines, and coming by the Earl of Eアex his chamber, the Earl was ・ruck with ブch remorテ of Conツience, to think what a loyal man his Father was, and how he gave his life a Sacrifice for the late King, of bleアed memory, and conナdering how lately he had free acceピ to his Maje・y; but now being under confinement, and the terror of a guilty conツience, deパerately cut his own Throat with his Razor and deprived himテlf of Life immediately, and from thence was carried to the Captain of the Warders lodgings to be diパoテd of as his Maje・y ャall think mo・ fit.  I hope this will be a warning to all to take care how they involve themテlves in ブch horrid deナgns lea・ their portion prove fatal like his, but now let the world know, that ブch cruel Bloody deナgns, eパecially again・ a Prince mo・ Merciful and Gracious, can never go unpuniャed, but will undoubtedly meet with a recompenテ anヘerable to the deテrts of ブch horrid Cruelties. 

London, Printed for J. Scott.     1683.

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Textual Notes

"A True Narrative of the Bloody Murther of the Earl of Essex, Upon Himself, being now Prisoner in the Tower" is the official government version of what was almost certainly an assassination. 
Essex was found with his throat slashed into the bone on the morning of 13 July 1683; 
this single sheet was issued within a day or two.

Originals are kept at the British Library and Harvard University Library; it is also available on microfilm in Early English Books, 1641-1700, 1296: 59. 
Indexed by Wing T2776A and ESTC R25688. 

 ゥ 1999 Francis Steen, Department of English, University of California at Santa Barbara
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