(Project description revised 4 September 1999)

From My Dog and I
S a part of my dissertation project, The Borderlands of Literature: Political Fictions of the Exclusion Crisis, 1678-1685, I am developing a multimedia presentation on the print culture of the Restoration, focusing on the period between the Exclusion Crisis and the Revolution. The site currently contains a detailed timeline, several early novels, a number of popular ballads and other broadsheets on the topics of sexual morality and politics, some plays, and a few historical documents. It combines graphics (mainly woodcuts from broadsides), music (midi files as well as  sheet music of ballads), and a modern reconstruction of late 17th-century typefaces. A scaled down version of the Restoration Print Culture site is currently available (link below). The full presentation is not yet open to the public.

A few steps may be required to display the material correctly; see configuration guidelines. To see an example and to test your browser, check out "My wife will be my Master. Or, The Married-man's Complaint against his unruly Wife." It should look roughly like this picture.

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