16th Annual
California Indian Conference

Chaffey College
Rancho Cucamonga, CA (near Ontario)
October 14-15, 2000

The California Indian Conference is an annual gathering for the exchange of views and information among academics, American Indians, students, and other community members.

This document shows the preliminary program two weeks before the event. Source (external).

Dr. Julie LaMay
Department of English
Chaffey College, 5885 Haven Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737-3002
(909) 941-2162
Email: fourdir@mscomm.com

7:30AM Registration begins   
8AM - 9AM Opening Ceremony
9AM - 11:30AM History I
Clifford Trafzer, Ph.D., UC Riverside
Eddie Castillo, Ph.D., CSU Sonoma
Katherine Saubel, Cahuilla, Malki Museum
Jack Norton, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Humbolt State Univ., Northern and Southern California Indian History:  A Comparative Analysis
Leo Lyman, Ph.D., Victor Valley Col.

9AM - 11:30AM Linguistics
Leeanne Hinton, Ph.D., UC Berkeley
Gordon Bussell
Kenny Holbrook
Quirina Costillos
Kelina Lobo
Orie Medicinebull
Rosalie Want
Cheryl Seidner
Cody Pata
Susan Smith

9AM - 10AM Land Use
Dean Mike, Native American Land Conservancy
Cindy Alvitre, Salt Water Clan Productions, Eagle Feathers or Ego Feathers: The Bald Eagle and Sacred Animal Protection Project
Jim Brown III, Elem Indian Colony
Mike Wilken, Native Cultures Institute of Baja California CUNA, Sustainable Management of Natural and Cultural Resources of Two Indigenous Communities of Baja California
9AM-11:30AM San Manuel Band of Mission Indians
James Ramos
10AM-11:30AM Museums
Lee Davis, Ph.D., San Francisco State Univ. Pesticide Contamination of NAGRPA Materials
Deron Marquez, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. Pesticide Contamination of NAGRPA Materials
Dale Ann Sherman, Yurok Tribe. Pesticide Contamination of NAGRPA Materials
Yolanda Chavez, Robinson Rancheria, Pesticide Contamination of NAGRPA Materials
Desiree Martinez, Harvard Univ., They Knew How to Par-TAY:  The Misrepresentation of Native Americans at Southwest Museum
Bonnie Biggs, CSU San Marcos, Tribal Libraries:  And Still They RiseJose Ignacio Rivera, UC Berkeley, You Can't Eat Pie in the Sky:  The California Indian Museum Void

11:30AM-Noon Keynote Address
Lowell Bean, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, CSU Hayward
Noon-1PM Lunch Performance
Jack Norton:  Voices of Survival  

1PM-3PM Native Arts in Southern California Past to Present
Beverly R. Ortiz, CSU Hayward, News from Native California
Richard Bugbee, Payoomkawichum
J.B. Kingery (translator)
Donna Largo, Cahuilla
David Largo, Cahuilla
Ava Salazar, Kumeyaay
Celia Silva, Kumeyaay
Alvino Siva, Cahuilla, Gourd Rattles
1PM-3PM Health
Clifford Trafzer, Ph.D., UC Riverside
Suzanne Malson, Hupa Peoples and Disabilities
Michael, MD
Delight Satter, UCLA  Culturally Competent HIV/AIDS for American Indians and Alaska Natives & California Health Interview Survey:  American Indians and Alaska Natives Oversample
Jean Keller, UC Riverside, Policy and Practice:  Tuberculosis at Sherman Institute

1PM-2:30PM History II
Terri Castaneda, CSU, Sacramento, Interpreting Winifred Codman's Filed Report on Aging Indians in New Deal California
Marcus Scott Peters, Living and Dying on the Front Line: Northern Sierra Miwok and the Gold Rush
Annette Reed, Ph.D., CSU Sacramento, Placing Native Californians at the Center of Our Histories
Jose Ignacio Rivera, UC Berkeley, An Indigenous Perspective on the Portola/Serra Expedition of 1769/1770 and Father Serra's Canonization Revisited
1PM-3PM Anthropology
Cindy Alvitre, Salt Water Clan Productions, Maritime Culture and Plank Canoe Display
2:30PM-4PM American Indian Movement (AIM) and Current Political IssuesParmalee Bailey-Shimuzu, First Nations Tribal Education and Resource Center, The Anti-Indian Movement in America
Fern Mathias, AIM and Current Events
Bertha Eastman, Reservation Life and Raising Children to be Socially Committed
Jim Fenelon, Ph.D., CSU San Bernardino, The Mascot Issue
Ed Gomez, San Bernardino Valley Col., The Latino and the Indian Movement 

3PM-4PM Music - Traditional
Paul Apodaca, Ph.D., Chapman Univ.
Arnie Schoenberg, San Diego State Univ., Kumeyaay Ceramic Rattles

4PM-5PM Law and Ethics
Joseph Dupris, J.D., Ph.D., Humbolt State Univ., Ethics in Academia:  Cultural Appropriation, or How Can I Be Me Without Offending You
Joseph Giovanetti, Ph.D., Humbolt State Univ., Does Brownness Invoke Workplace Violence?
Katherine Saubel, Cahuilla, De Anza Recognition (To Be Announced)
3PM-4PM Sociology
Linda Locklear, Palomar Col., "What's Your Tribe" Issues of Mixed tribal Identity
Susan Gleason, UC Riverside, The Great Western Root
Valena Dismukes, Native Americans: The Red-Black Connection
3PM-5PM Student Papers
William Fairbanks, Cuesta Col.
4PM-5PM Mission Indian Federation
Debbie Dozier, Ph.D., Palomar Col.
4PM-6PM Hollywood Issues
Nick Ramus, Windwalker
Steve Reevis, Dances With Wolves, Fargo
Greg Sarris, Grand Avenue
Lorenzo Baca, Poet
6PM-7PM  Dinner and entertainment - Ernest Siva, Ph.D. (Serrano/Cahuilla)

7PM-9PM Grand Avenue (video)
Greg Sarris, Screening and discussion

8AM Registration begins     
8:30AM-9AM Business Meeting
9AM-10AM Keynote Address, Literatures
Greg Sarris, Ph.D., UCLA
10AM-Noon Literatures
*Julie LaMay, Ph.D., Chaffey Col.
Paul Apodaca, Ph.D.., Chapman Univ.
Edward Castillo, Ph.D., CSU Sonoma
Greg Sarris, Ph.D., UCLA
Clifford Trafzer, Ph.D., UC Riverside

10AM-Noon Archeology
Alvino Siva, Cahuilla, Site Preservation
10AM-11AM Early Women's Voices
Jana Norton, Saybrook Graduate Sch., Stories Women Tell: Experiences of Early California:  A Legacy of Conflict, Continuation, and Change 

11AM-Noon Pacific West Center for Regional Studies:  Native American Advisory Session
Lee Davis, San Francisco State Univ.

Noon-1PM   Lunch      
1PM-2PM Urban Issues
Jim Fenelon, CSU San Bernardino
Ron McGriff, Ph.D., Col. of the Sequoias, Who Are These People? Research into American Indian Ethnicity
Greg Sarris, Ph.D., UCLA
2PM-3PM Politics
Greg Sarris, Ph.D., UCLA
Lynn Silva
Anita Silva
3PM-4PM Education
Jim Lamenti, D-Q Univ.
Linda Locklear, Palomar Col.
James Ramos, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians
Peg Hill, Ph.D., San Bernardino Superintendent of Schools
4PM-5PM Education Models
Cindy Alvitre, Salt Water Clan Productions, Native Involvement in Education
Jim Fenelon, Ph.D., CSU San Bernardino

1PM-5PM Storytelling
Ernest Siva, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, UCLA
California Indian Storytelling Assoc.
Lorenzo Baca, Poet

1PM-3PM Literature - Non-California
Cheryl Elsmore, Victor Valley Col., N. Scott Momaday
Theodore C. Humphrey, Ph.D., Cal Poly Pomona, And the World Fell Apart:  The Cost of Mutual Ethnocentrism in D'Arcy McNickle's Wind from and Enemy Sky
Sean O'Neill, Grand Valley State Univ., An Analysis of the Writing of Popular Nineteenth- Century Lecturer in America's Far West Wtomika, a.k.a. James Bouchard 
Antonio Gali, Through the Eyes of One So Ancient
3PM-4PM Publishing
Dave Ward, Ricoh 

Julie LaMay, California Indian Conference Organizer
Email: fourdir@mscomm.com





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