Tooby, John; Cosmides, Leda.
Evolutionizing the cognitive sciences: A reply to Shapiro and Epstein.
Mind & Language, 1998 Jun, v13 (n2):195-204.

Abstract: Replies to comments made by L. Shapiro and W. Epstein (abstract below) regarding the authors' ideas on the influence of evolutionary theory on cognitive psychology. The authors argue that Shapiro and Epstein's comments are a series of mild criticisms and modest endorsements, that when advanced as disagreements, are not real matters of intellectual substance, but rather definitional issues or arguments built out of a failure to understand the context and thrust of the initial assertions that they dispute. The authors reply to each point in turn.
Shapiro, Lawrence; Epstein, William.
Evolutionary theory meets cognitive psychology: A more selective perspective.
Mind & Language, 1998 Jun, v13 (n2):171-194.

Abstract: Comments on claims by L. Cosmides and J. Tooby that an evolutionary perspective toward psychology requires that psychologists both conceive of psychological processes as domain specific and view all adaptive behavior as the product of cognition. The authors argue that an evolutionary perspective commits psychology to neither of these positions. First, the authors present a more tempered view of the changes evolutionary theory is likely to bring to cognitive psychology. Second, they criticize Cosmides and Tooby's claim that evolutionary considerations require cognitive psychologists to accept the view that all behavior is under the control of cognitive programs. It is concluded that the real value of evolutionary theory for psychology lies in the heuristic role it plays in determining the function of psychological mechanisms and in the depth it contributes to explanations of why psychological processes have the properties they do.




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