Mitchell, Karen J. and Marcia K. Johnson
Source monitoring: Attributing mental experiences
The Oxford handbook of memory
Edited by Endel Tulving, I. M. Fergus Craik, et al.
New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2000
pages 179-195 of xiv, 700 pp.


To understand the problems that source monitoring research and theory address, consider the implications of a cognitive system that is capable of construction and reconstruction -- that is, capable of generating information on its own and integrating information from multiple sources. Constructive and reconstructive processes that interpret, embellish, transform, and synthesize experiences are powerful engines for comprehension and creativity, but the potential cost is distorted memories and beliefs.... Topics include: the source monitoring framework (SMF); eyewitness suggestibility as source monitoring error; new directions (measuring source accuracy, subjective measures of qualitative characteristics of memories, inducing autobiographical memories, interpersonal reality monitoring; knowledge, beliefs, and stereotypes, brain mechanisms).





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