Ron McClamrock
Existential Cognition: Computational Mind in the World
University of Chicato Press, 1995, 216 pages

Publisher's presentation. "Many scientists and philosophers have assumed that the widely accepted notion of the mind as information- processor shows that the mind's operations are characterizable independent of their relationship to the external world. Existential Cognition challenges the internalist view of mind, arguing that intelligence, thought, and action cannot be understood in isolation, but only in interaction with the outside world. Arguing that the mind is essentially embedded in the external world, Ron McClamrock provides a schema that allows cognitive scientists to address such long-standing problems in artificial intelligence as the "frame" problem and the issue of "bounded" rationality. Extending this schema to cover progress in other studies of behavior, including language, vision, and action, McClamrock reinterprets the importance of the organism/environment distinction."


Maintained by Francis F. Steen, Communication Studies, University of California Los Angeles